Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night

So Daddy and I decided to be The Farmer and his Wife with our Lil Cow.

I love these pictures because she kept sucking on my nose and she thought that it was hilarious to do that to me!
After we got home and I was putting her to bed she had just finished her bottle and was doing this same thing and then she burped! Milk and Grandma Janeen's chinese noodles! Disgusting!

Here we are all together.

Pookie at first on the Carousel. She didn't know what to think at first. Plus she probably was getting tired.

Here she is while we were eating. Trying to get her to smile. Or capture the smile at least.

Ha Ha she is looking at Daddy.

Daddy your so silly!

Daddy was dropping his hat over her head and she thought it was sooo funny!

Huh Mommy?

The Pookie and her Mr. Moo Cow.

So here is the video I tried to take of her on the Carousel. She didn't know what to think at first, but then in the middle she starts laughing at Grandma. Oh and this video is a lot of up and down so if it makes you sick, I am soooo sorry. So here are the highlights of our Halloween! Hope you enjoy!


Beckie said...

She is the cutest lil moo cow ever! We always try to do themes for Halloween, except this year. Did you go to Lagoon or somehwere else with a merry go round?

Beth said...

Cute lil sweetheart in her moo cow costume. It looks like you all had a wonderful Halloween! Love you! xxoo