Monday, November 30, 2009

Its Christmas Time!

I am so excited for Christmas to come. KSov and I got our tree yesterday and that was a disaster! We had multiple tree stand issues, filling the base a total of 3 times up with water! Yes once our tree fell over and dumped water all over the floor and the other time it just leaked it out.
KSov had to finally go buy another one. Also, it turns out that Pooks is afraid of Christmas trees, vaccuums and scccaaarrry pine boughs. Who would have thought? At one point I grunted lifting the tree out and that set her off just a bawling, because I grunted holding a giant Christmas tree.
We took some pictures and I promise I will get some on here some day soon.

Anyway I am excited that tomorrow is December and I have lot of plans, one of which is to have a special stress free Christmas! Yesterday was stress free in the sense that the tree is now done and over and smelling all fresh in our front room. And I have lots of other plans trying to come together!

Well just checking in tonight with a quick post because KSov is in Idaho and its late already! Night!

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Beth said...

I am so glad you all got your tree up and your house is all Christmasy! We are going to get ours this weekend and get our lights up on the house too.