Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cute Baby Pictures!

After dinner I was crawling around trying to take some pictures of the Lil Miss with a new onesie on. This was the first one I took with the flash on. I think its kinda of neat and cute. She kept crawling over to me and crawling in my lap and yelling into my leg, like cute lil babies do. So this of course was immediatly after the flash went off and she was like, HUH?

I did get a pic with the onesie showing! I scheduled her "9" month check up for next week. Ha Ha I know we are a lil bit behind. I wonder what she will weigh then! Look at those dimples.

Briggs was being so good she kept crawling over to her doggy and wanting to bang on his lil nose! What a good boy!

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