Thursday, November 12, 2009

10 Month check in!

So in some of these pictures Daddy had the flash on and so I look really washed out because my hair is so dark. I re-dyed it and had to use 2 boxes, because my hair is so long so some pieces came out a lil darker. But I had to post these pics because the smile on the Lil Miss is just edible! Cutest snow bunny ever!
Yes she can point now!

Can't get enough???? Neither can I!

Here is one of the video's I took. Listen to her just babble on and on! She is so strong, she can pull herself up. I mean tonight she pulled herself up like a pull-up! She was hanging onto the edge of the dining table, and KSov said she pulled herself about an inch for a couple seconds! Even the nurse said so. She is such an awesome baby. She is fighting her 4th ear infection and such a trooper. She is now 21lbs and 7 ounces at 10 months old almost 29 inches long. She is almost walking. Well I guess she technically is walking because she can take a few steps but nothing has moved her to just keep walking. This morning she was standing by my side of the bed while I was downloading the videos of her I took onto the computer. First she was amazed and second she kept standing there balancing on her lil feet and then she would feel all proud of herself and look at me and then laugh into the side of the mattress! What a hoot!
She still has stranger danger with men.
Today we went to visit my old branch and a gentleman customer was talking to her and at first she stared and then all of a sudden she just started bawling! My co-worker was holding her and she cried into her shoulder. Then Mommy took over and she instantly stopped crying.
Then she was all better! Ok hmmm well I got to get this posted and watch my movie with my hubby!

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she is too adorable! i love her fantastic :). i think you guys are heading for a little troublemaker though :) at the rate that she's "exploring" and moving around so better bolt things down! haha!