Sunday, November 22, 2009

Isn't she cute?

Just a quick lil Hello. KSov took both the following pictures one has the flash and one doesn't but I thought it was interesting that they look like they were taken at different times of the day. But we wanted to post pics of Pooks with her cute lil yellow jacket from Nana and Papadaddy. Pretty cute smile in both pictures huh? She sure does loves her daddy to be smiling that huge huh?

This was at lunch at Costa Vida, they were high fiving each other.

Last night we went to a store and used a super awesome coupon for a Christmas present. I was really stoked about it. I will however not mention any more because that would ruin any possible surprise.
Last night Grace did not sleep very well. She woke up crying at like 12:45 and I finally went in and rubbed her back and she fell back asleep. That happened again at about 5am and then she finally was up at 6:45 for good. We had a good day today what with getting laundry done early but Pookie had absolutley horrible naps. She is normally such a good napper so when she gets bad naps at home I know she doesn't feel well. She slept for like half and hour this morning and wouldn't go back down. We finally went to Subway for lunch were we made our grocery list and then went off to Winco to shop for our BYU vs. Utes football game Saturday after Thanksgiving.
She was so tired today with only sleeping for like another 20 mintues in the car on the way out there. We tried to leave her in her car seat and put a blanket over to keep her asleep, but this girl is so social and always has to be in the middle of whats going on.
She also has learned to shake her head if she doesn't want something. Mainly, if she doesn't want Mommy or Daddy feeding her something. It is sooo cute I will have to get some video of it and put it up. She did it a ton today, mostly because I don't think she was feeling good and just didn't really know what she wanted. We didn't get a lot of smiles either just some grumpy stares.
We just came upstairs after watching Transformers 2 and throughout the movie she has been a bit fussy even though we put her down an hour early at 7pm.
Hopefully she gets a good night sleep tonight and is back to her regular self. She should not be feeling bad though because she is on antibiotics from her ear infection and almost done with it. Depending on how she feels in the morning we might have to take her in and see what the deal is.


Beth said...

Poor baby, I hope she is better today! The video was so darn cute. I was cleaning in the back of the house and I heard Bruce laughing and he showed it to me.

Beckie said...

I hope she is better, we are planning on coming over on Saturday we will call and get directions. :)