Monday, November 2, 2009

I love Asparagus, Yes I do....

I love Aspargus How about you??? We had aspargus for dinner tonight and boy did our sweet girl love her vegatables. She is so cute.

Tonight I got my workout on again. Day one in the beginning of week three. Can you believe that it is now November? This time last year KSov and I were working hard to get the floors done because family was visiting. I was busting my pregnant butt! LOL Now we have Grace and she is so much fun! Of course we still haven't painted all the doors and put them back up or cleaned the garage, but all in good time. I am enjoying my husband, my baby, my doggies life!

KSov and I have some vacation days left we are planning so I am going to be taking the 12th and 13th off. The bank is closed for Veterans Day and so I will have a long weekend, maybe do some shopping. And then I think I will be taking the 21, 22, 23rd of December off. We are open on Christmas Eve till 2:00 and it seems silly to me to waste a whole PTO day when the bank closes early, so I will go back in to work for the half day.

On a side note, KSov told me this morning that Miss Dawn at daycare will be taking at the minimun an extended leave of absence of 3-4 months to resolve some personal issues. She was so upset telling KSov that she would miss our Lil Miss so much. She really does care for her a lot. But she is such a good baby, that most everyone loves the Pookster!

Oh my I got all of Pookie's boxes of goodies from Grandparents and Great Grandparents! Thank You so much we are truly blessed! She has lots of clothes to fit her now!

I want to get her some knit tights and the best deal I found was at Old Navy. $6.50 for a pair. There isn't a lot of color variety there though, mostly cutesy prints and white, pink and red. I was hoping for a Maroon/Burgandy pair to match this top she has but wasn't able to find any in my searching last night. I will keep looking. Let me know if anybody knows anywhere to find a good deal!

Ok off to bed I go!


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