Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I can point!

Just a few pics I tried to get of Grace. She leaned towards the camera, like Gimme That!
Brand new leggins, worn for the first time with this cute summer dress and we come home from daycare with a split in our bottom! Mommy I sure do love the remote.

I put a long sleeve white t-shirt that was size 6 month and too short for her lil baby belly but worked good under this summer dress with leggings. Cute huh?

Woah! There you go again taking my picture!

So here is the video I took of Pooks pointing. Everytime, and I mean everytime we go down the hall and she sees the pictures she purses her lil lips and says, Da! or Do! Who knows what that means but she LOVES to point at the pictures or try to take the frames down. So I got the camera and tried to get a video. I took this, this week and KSov is gone so this is one handed holding the baby, videoing, and thwarting her lil hands from grabbing the frames off the wall. We got a lil bit of pointing for you.

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Beth said...

I can't get over how big she looks in these photos! Little geebs...I miss her so much! *kisses from Memaw and Pepaw*