Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Slides Are Fun

I think I only posted one video of our Lil Miss at the park and that was on the swing. So hopefully this will be a new one that everyone will enjoy. Isn't she just a doll? I can't believe she is 14 months today! She is growing so fast. I am trying to think if she is doing anything new the last few days...not really. Althought she was so sweet tonight and I almost was able to rock her to sleep which was nice mommy time.

Nothing else new today. Went to the dentist, got clean teeth. Everything looks good there. Did not get my Costco coupons yet and my coworker has. Thats kind of annoying.

Tomorrow is thursday, and only 2 more days till Daddy comes home. My throat hurts a tiny bit. Hopefully Auntie Crystal did not get mommy sick. Boo. Feel tired and I am just going to rest tonight and not work out.

Just going to watch both episodes of American Idol and maybe eat some ice cream. :)

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Beth said...

Love that little girl so much! Hope you are feeling good today, sweetie!