Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ice Water is so Refreshing

Isn't this picture sooo adorable? I mean those eyes, those lips, those sweet baby hands..... She loves this cup. I pulled it out recently when I wanted to get back to drinking my water (I am drinking about 2 liters a day now) and she thinks she is so cool drinking out of a straw now.

Such concentration...and even more to try to pull the straw out!
Here are my tomato plants I did today. KSov got Brandywine and Big Boy's. I decided to plant my tomatos from seeds because starters cost so much. Hopefully these plants will grow good.

KSov is back in town he got home arount 7:30 last night. I was in the middle of putting Pooks down at that time because she was really cranky. I got KSov's dinner ready while he rocked his daughter to sleep. Such sweet daddy daughter time. Then I had to get up and go to work this morning and daddy took Pooks to the park with Grandma. They went to a park where there was snow and she LOVES snow. In fact it was so funny on Thursday night when I got home I got her out and let her walk down the driveway with me to get the mail. She saw the small (about 6 inches in diamater) snow pile that was on the front lawn and made a beeline for it! It was close to the edge so she was able to reach out and grab handfuls of it. Ahh, so delicous snow! She does not care that her hands are cold one little bit.
Have I mentioned how she loves to put her coat and shoes on and knows that when she puts these on she gets to go bye bye? So cute.
I will update more tomorrow. LOVE YOUS!!!

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SOVEREEN'S :) said...

Those pics are very sweet! you weren't kidding about having your veg. planted in plastic cartons in your house! Way to go Ashley:)