Monday, March 22, 2010

Our weekend

Hi everyone,I know that I haven't posted in a while. I did plan on posting this last weekend, however I did not. I did take some pics and a super cute video of the Lil Miss dancing on the fireplace. I will try to get those up tomorrow night.

This weekend we cleaned house like maniacs and then went to the dog park on Saturday. We took the stroller and the dogs had a blast! Grace took a tumble when Kayla butted her bounding about waiting for daddy to throw the ball and she was a little scared after that to get out of the stroller. But eventually she did she sure does love being outside. She kept finding rocks and sticks to play with.
That night we rented the movie Couple's Retreat and watched that. That was cute.

Sunday morning we got up and KSov had researched a church to go to now that the Lil Miss takes her naps from about Noon-2 I wanted to start looking for a new church. We went to a morning service at 930 at The Rock. Which isn't the same as The Rock in San Diego. Its a lot smaller service and I was a lil nervous to see how Grace did when we dropped her off. Ksov went in the room and started playing with her but then he left after a minute and she did fuss but we quickly walked away and they never put her number up. The service was good and KSov and I both agreed we really liked the church and are going to start going to that one regularly. The morning service was small but not super small and we were going to try to go to the Pastor's Social at his house later that afternoon, however when we got home the Lil Miss went right down for a nap where she promptly chit chatted to herself for an hour! Since she was still napping we ended up not making it to the lil get together.

Then we went down to Janeens for a birthday dinner for Crystal. Some friends of the family where there with there 2 kids, the younges lil boy is about 5 months older than Grace and she was fascinated with the kids. She also was super clingy with me and scared of everyone!

Anyway, just wanted to fill you in on things were going with us. Got to go change out the laundry because its already late.

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Beth said...

Love you and can't wait to get out there!