Monday, March 8, 2010

Car Seat

Last night I was looking at car seats and I think that this is the one that I want to get. I am wondering though if we should go check it out in person at Babies R Us or if I should just order it off Amazon.

We have a gift card from there so it will definetly be nice to not have to pay for the whole car seat out of pocket. Part of me wants to buy it so I can get it here sooner and see it and use it. Even though its for Pooks I am still excited to "play" with it! Ha!

Its another Monday and Daddy headed off to Vegas in the truck today. He will be there all week and he will come home safe to us on Friday.

Do you all know what this weekend brings???? I am sure you guessed it already but DayLight Savings time is this weekend. Yes yes I know, we will be "springing forward" and losing an hour of our much desired sleep, but with that brings the...................................SUN!!!!!!

Wait???? Did Summer Girl mention the sun is going to be coming out earlier??? Naw she wouldn't be excited about that. Also it means the sun won't go down until later too! One of my favorite things about where I live is the late summer evenings. I love sitting outside in our backyard and BBQing and last summer was great with Gace crawling around. And now this summer is skipping towards me with glee as we get to turn our clocks forward and I look forward to see Grace run around our yard!

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Beth said...

Maybe go check out the car seat at Babies R Us and then get it where it is cheapest (if that is Amazon and free shipping).

I love her pigtails! So doggone cute!