Monday, March 1, 2010

Camera Catasrophy

I am so bummed. I have some sweet videos and pics I took from Saturday, but can't post them for awhile. Unfortunately our camera is broken. We took Grace to the park on Saturday and it was so much fun! It was a nice day although a bit windy, but despite that our Lil Miss had a blast! She loves being outside. She went down the slide and she swung in the swings and just had a ton of fun. However when I would reach down to grab her little hand to walk back to the truck our camer fell out of my pocket, and now its broken. It won't take pictures. What I am not sure about is whether this is bad or good. I took the camera to a shop today and they told me that it would cost the same amount to fix it as it would to buy a new camera that had more features and mega pixels.
Looking at camera's makes me want to get a cool camera that you can do more stuff with, but that is way out of our budget now, so we won't. I just have to find a "new" camera so I can get more Pookie pics and videos.
I don't remember if I posted this pic, but I took it with my cell phone for KSov when he was out of town.
Worked out tonight, did my half hour of running plus some. Now its late and time for bed. But I thought I would pop in and give you an update on why I have blogged anything for a few days.

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