Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Husband Intervention

I have to thank my dear husband for fixing my camera. I was extremely dissappointed that the camera was broken and I was unable to take new pics and videos. Tonight my sweet amazing talented husband was able to fix our camera with his existing tools! I love that! Now we don't have to buy something new! How great. Plus I am sure my many followers are thankful as well because what fun is a blog if there are no pictures to see? Especially a blog with a sweet darling babe like mine!

So here is the video of Grace swinging for the first time at the park. She loved it! Although I do have to apologize because it made me a bit dizzy to watch.

Lately she has been really good about giving us kisses. She loves to lean in with a big open mouth and then she goes, "MUAH!" She loves making that noise when she gives us kisses. Also she has learned to turn her wrist when she waves night night to daddy. It reminds me of a beauty queen without the elboe part! Just wrist wrist.

The toddler room is going good, so far naps are good. And she is such a good eater. We had aspargus for dinner tonight I swear that girl ate half the pot! Oh and have I mentioned she loves her blankies? Her great-grandmas had crocheted her a bunch of different size blankets and colors. She loves them, especially the softer gree, purple and yellow ones. In fact she has one at daycare and when I went to get her jacket out of her basket she saw her blanket and pointed and grunted for it! We were able to avoid a fit but she knows what she wants!

We have an apointment for her to get checked out by and Ear Nose and Throat dr on Thursday morning so we can get going with getting her tubes put in.

Daddy most likely has to go to Vegas next week for work. Another week out of town. Maybe he will get overtime this time.

Did I mention KSov's sister C is now officially living with us? She moved in this past weekend. So far so good!

Well I am getting a low bttery message and the laptop is acting up, so enjoy the video and Good Night!

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Beth said...

I am so glad you got your camera fixed! Kudos to KSov! And so cute with Grace swinging, too. Can't wait to see her in three weeks! *happy dance*