Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pig tails

We bought some hair ties at Winco today. I was only able to double loop them in her hair and so they didn't stay, but I was able to get the idea. She is so cute with her little pig tails. Trying to get a side shot.

Look at those dimples.
Another side shot.

This is when she threw a temper tantrum when I didn't let her have the camera.

The temper tantrum was dying out when I was taking our picture. She sure does express herself now. I have to start researching which car seat we are going to get for the Lil Monkey. She is growing so fast and soon she won't fit in her infant seat! lol! KSov is going to Vegas tomorrow. He will have to do a service call first and then he will be driving out. He will be gone all week. Another week without daddy but hopefully this will be the last for a little while at least we need some daddy time!! We didn't really do anything special today just breakfast laundry and groceries. Oh and a lot of play time with the Punky Pie!

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