Friday, March 12, 2010

How old do You Feel?

I was just rereading my post from last night and I hope it didn't come off as complaining! I think I was just worn out! Do I look tired in that picture or is it just some early crows feet by my eyes?? LOL!

I was talking with a co-worker a few days ago about looking how old you feel. The subject had come up because a customer of ours looked older to both of us than she was. I wonder aloud why that was because she was thin and dressed trendy and didn't seem to be as old as she looked. I then said to my buddy, How old do I look? (I know I know possibly a loaded question!) But I really was curious, because I don't feel like I look thirty. I still feel like I am 25. As do the rest of you who read this blog, probably feel right? He thought I looked 29 or something like that, but that I didn't look older than I was.

But isn't it interesting that some people look younger than they are and I guess vice versa? I suppose it just comes down to taking care of your body and skin and lifestyle whether you smoke or drink a lot. (I think maybe that client used to party a lot, who knows *shrug*) But I was curious how I appeared to people, because I used to get people who thought I was younger than I was. (Its been a little while since I have had that though! Probably because I was heavier till I had the Lil Miss). Have you ever had comments about looking younger or older than you thought you appeared? What did you think about it? I of course love it when people tell me I look younger than I am, but I wonder what about me makes me look younger? Or older? Do you have a wise look in your eyes or say some naive that makes you come across as younger? I think its neat to think about.

I know Daddy is probably feeling really old this week from working such a long week and then driving back home to us now. Its 10:13 here and he is still not back yet, although I expect his call any minute to warn me he is around the corner so the dogs don't amp out.

I was going to post some sweet pics of the Lil Miss totally macking on meatloaf tonight, however I am too tired and only just decided to post this post. Although the pics are quite cute and endearing you will want to check them out once they get posted. That girl loves herself some meatloaf!

I am leaving you now as one EXCITED WIFE to have her husband home and TOTALLY GLAD that it is FRIDAY!!!

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