Friday, October 1, 2010

35 weeks

I did a pic of both sides of the belly this time!
I am 35 weeks today! Exactly 3 weeks from her 35th week Grace was born! The lil man is about 5 1/4 pounds and over 18 inches long! Most of his physical development is complete and he is gaining weight. Speaking of gaining weight, I have gained 18 pounds total so far which is good. I think it must be all in the baby, because my stretch mark is getting redder and longer, about an inch. Which aint to bad either! I don't feel like I have gained 3 pounds since last time. I am feeling more and more achy and tight and creaky all the time. More pains and muscle/nerve pain whenever I walk. And when I stand a lot my back hurts more, so I tend to sit a lot. Luckily at work my chair is pretty comfortable and I don't notice the achiness unless I am standing at the teller line. So I had my prenatal appointment this morning and I have to say I am super pumped. The dr did the Group B swab and will send that in for analysis of course. He also checked to see if he could feel the baby's head and he believes the baby's head is down and near the pelvis or something like that. He also said that I was 1-2 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced already! Woo Hoo, my next appointment is on October 15th. (I had previously thought that we were going to weekly appointments but I was wrong). He had just scheduled todays back to back because he does the Group B test at 35 weeks. After the 15th then he said we would be going to weekly appointments. Start making your bets folks! I don't know about you but I am so glad that it's Friday. We don't have anything going on at all, probably just some relaxing and laying around. Grace has been so cute lately and her vocabulary is just increasing all the time. She loves to color and we have been working on saying the names of the crayons or different colors. She also loves reading the book Goodnight Moon and its almost like reading Where's Waldo because there is a tiny mouse on a bunch of different pages and she finds the mouse every time now! She thinks she is hilarious too by the way and she loves saying, "Ha Ha!" Daddy's leg is healing nicely. He has a new prescription for his excema, he is suppose to use that in addition with his other and cover his finger with like a glove thingy just for his finger overnight in order for it to really soak in. I told him I think it is stress related how he has been getting multiple "break outs" on that hand and how that finger won't heal. Hopefully he won't lose that fingernail. The dermatologist said she might have to give a cortisone shot in that fingernail so he doesn't lose it, if the new prescription doesn't work. So hopefully that won't happen. Daddy has to go out of town next week so hopefully that goes smoothly for him and he has a safe trip and everything goes smoothly for us as well. Hopefully you all have a nice weekend!

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