Monday, October 18, 2010

1st Shpping Trip

I took this yesterday when we had t run into the grocery and grab a few things. Isn't he just so adorable?? I have some pictures of Grace on my camera that I need to upload. Aaron is looking a lil jaundice and since the dr said to watch for that I have an appointment scheduled with the peditrician tomorrow morning. Grace was a lil jaundce when she left the hospital but we didn't have to use any lights with her. He wasn't jaundice when we left but I decided to call the peditricians office today and see what they said. Since I haven't felt there have been any issues with feeding (aside from the normal trying to get our schedule right) the dr said to come in tomorrow morning.

You know what I have to get down though?? Changing a lil boys diaper is a lot tougher for me than a girls!!! LOL! I still haven't found a technique to avoid changing his clothes yet....Oh I hear him now time to go!

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