Thursday, October 7, 2010

Singin in the Shower

So I don't know what happened with the video. Sorry everyone, I think it may have to do with me recording while on vibrate. Thats what I get for being sneaky, I suppose. When I watch it on my phone it plays sound, but I text it to daddy last night and he couldn't hear it either. My actual due date is Nov 5th and tomorrow I am 36 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wha Hoo!! I have been feeling a lot of tightening lately which I only recently assumed was Braxton Hicks. I don't know why but I thought it was the lil man pushing against me, and then I read something and thought, "Silly that must be contractions." I had a lot tonight while at dinner, and for the most part I usually don't even notice them unless they are lasting a longer period of time. Of course you can have those and they don't mean you are any closer to going into labor.

Daddy came home tonight! Yay! We are so glad to have him back! I think I am especially glad this trip just because I am so tired and Grace can be so persnickety these days about changing her diaper and wanting to do things herself. So between trying to get to work on time and have a unruly toddler just wears a pregnant mommy out! And despite the fact that each night I tell myself to go to bed early, I just don't end up doing that when Daddy isn't here. But he is here now! We went to a new restuarant called NYPD Pizzeria, its supposed to be authentic NY Pizza, but I wasn't super impressed with it. Plus poor Grace was over tired and hungry and it seemed to take even longer then to get our pizza.

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday even though I have to work on Saturday, but we do have Monday off because of Columbus Day. I love bank holidays!

The following video is not one I posted yet, although I took it a week ago. She used to be freaked out about our shower but she has gotten used to it and now she can reach the handle. So I wanted to catch her singing in the shower. She was happy as a lark in there just singing along!

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