Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gaze into my eyes...

Ok so another short post tonight. That last one, well you can tell I was interrupted! I wanted to put these pics up of Aaron with his eyes open. I took them with my phone and they turned out pretty good I think.
I am so in love with this adorable son of mine. I think he may have his nights and days mixed up. Last night we were up about every two hours and he slept a lot today. Hopefully after a few days we can maybe switch that around. We both slept for a good nap late this afternoon, which was nice and I didn't realize I needed it until I woke up and was feeling wiped!
After our nap I thought he looked a lil jaundice, so I am going to watch him and nurse him a lot and try to put him in the sun tomorrow. My milk has come in so that is good, although he likes to nurse mostly on just one side, before passing out into a milk coma! LOL! He totally has daddy's long fingers and toes. Also I am pretty sure he has dad's dimples too!
He is so snuggly and I love to just hold him and smell his sweet newborn baby smell.
Grace is doing really well with him and still loves kissing him. Grace is so cute! Tonight I was changing her diaper and of course we were having our usual tantrum because she hates having her diaper changed and also knows that, that means bedtime is coming soon. So I was talking to her about how wouldn't it be nice if she wanted to potty train. So she nods her head and says potty. So since she was diapered yet we went in and sat on the big potty. We pulled hers over for a step stool and she climbed up and down and sat on the toilet several times. And said something to the effect of, "I go on the big potty" Several thousand times! She never really went only tooted twice, but she thought she was pretty hot stuff to say the least!
We bought these flash cards for her at the same time we bought her stroller. They show pictures of different things and have the word printed on the back. It says its for ages 4-6 years. She can name almost 90% of thos pictures. And that is something she has been liking the last few days. Just wish she wouldn't bend the cards! Ha!
Well time to tend to my lil boy! Nite Nite!

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SOVEREEN'S :) said...

Love the pics Ash!! He is such a cutie:)