Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Little Ham

I got the camera out and Grace wanted me to take her picture of her. Then she started being silly.
I said, "Stick out your tongue!"

Then I said, "Show me your teeth!"

Tonight we made a Rachel Ray receipe, a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. With grilled onions, anaheim peppers and sweet peppers, skirt steak daddy cooked so good and a provolone cheese sauce. It was pretty good, next time we make we'll a few adjustments.

Grace has been so funny lately. Saturday night we got onto YouTube and showed Grace videos of horse back riding. She LOVED them!! So tonight before bed Daddy put some horse back riding and jumping for him and Grace to watch. I was trying to fold some clothes but Grace kept patting the pillow and giving me her Gracie smile of encouragement. So I laid down next to her in our bed and the three of us watched the equestrian videos. She kept saying, "Wow!" and yelling and exclaiming when the horses would jump or trot.
Then after the last video Daddy tried to get a goodnight kiss, but she was being a stinker pot. So then daddy and I kissed each other and then quickly kissed her and she busted out laughing! After that she would put her hands behind our heads and make us kiss each other and then we would kiss her right after! She thought that was hilarious!
What a blast we had this weekend with our sweet lil girl!

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Beth said...

Now she is going to want a real pony! I love those faces she is making! miss you all!