Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bilibeds and the Park

So we went to the dr on Tuesday and they took Aaron's blood and his bilirubin levels were 18.6 so they had HomeCare deliver the Bilibed. He has had to be in it all the time unless he is getting changed or nursing. Boo it sucks. But since its Thursday today he does look better and less jaundice. Our appointment is tomorrow morning at 9:40 so I am hoping that after they test his blood tomorrow that we are done with the bed. It is just a major pain.
I think it was Monday we went to the park and Grace LOVES the park and she is always saying, "Slide?". She can climb the stairs and do almost everything at the park by herself. She loves it. Here she is climbing up the twisty slide, this one she can't climb up as well but she loves trying!

I love how the static made her hair stick straight out like a mad scientist!

She was so tickled!

Daddy was testing out my Moby Wrap and had our lil boy in it. I wish I had gotten a closer pic of Grace and Aaron because they had on the same green!

He was just as content as could be. He pretty much just eats and sleeps right now. Occasionally he has some awake time, but not like Grace did, she tended to look around a lot when she was a newborn.

Here she is climbing the stairs to one particular metal slide she loves. She just goes up and down and around and around with this slide!

These things don't actually ride back and forth they are too stiff but she can get up there all by herself and she likes them. Of course she kept staring at all the kids playing.

Well that is the update for now. Grace of course is up early from her nap so that puts a wrench in my quick nap I was going to take! Oh well I actually went to bed semi early last night and will try to go to bed even earlier tonight.

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