Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If Your Happy & You Know It!

So I just had to keep Grace up a little bit longer to get theses videos for you. Normally getting ready for a bath and bed is always a struggle because she knows bedtime is coming. Although whenever I lay her down she snuggles right in and doesn't act up. So tonight I had her bath all ready and was getting her undressed for it and I started singing, If Your Happy and You Know it. Apparently she knew this song already and it was so cute because for once it was an easy diaper change and quick bath.

Also in the one video you can see my pregnant belly and since I didn't post anything for 36 weeks that is what you get. I think its kind of funny though that you can't tell I am pregnant when she is sitting in my lap. She has no idea either that my big belly doesn't move when she sits there and she is constantly sitting down and trying to scoot back against me. (Not comfortable let me tell you). My next prenatal is 3 days away and I will be 37 weeks I can't wait! I have been having some crazy dreams lately too! Which isn't unusual for me because I tend to dream really vividly, but these dreams are all about babies, babies, babies.

Well I hope you enjoy these videos I certainly enjoyed singing with her and yeah for Wednesday tomorrow and the middle of the week already!

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ash i see your singing skills are still the same as ever :) maybe you should teach her some reba...or ever better...HARPER VALLEY PTA ;)