Friday, February 18, 2011

To Wet Your Appetite...

I pulled some more pictures from a few weeks ago and posted them for you. I was planning on downloading the pics I have on our camera tonight...however I don't have the energy. But I do realize that I hadn't posted in a while and wanted to give some cute smiling faces to check out. Checking out his big sister.

So I know I haven't posted anything since Monday! What have we been doing? Tuesday we had my SIL watch the kids and we were able to go see the movie Just Go With It with Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler. I am not normally an Adam Sandler fan but I actually thought that movie was hilarious. We also took some clothes to Kid to Kid to turn in and I got Grace two new pairs of shoes size 7. And a cute top. I can't believe she is already in a size 7 shoe! Her little brown boots that she has been wearing all winter are a size 6 and I recently measured her foot and she was a 7 already! I remember when those boots were too big! Then we got some dinner at Macaroni Grill before heading home.

(Sorry that pic is blurry its hard to get good ones of him smiling, but you can tell that he is)
Wednesday we had playgroup again. This time there were more moms there, but so far Grace is the only girl! Its all boys! Most of the children are younger than her. Although there is an almost 2 year old and another boy who turned 2 in September.

Oh my I do have to say before I forget that my sweet Aaron has been sleeping pretty good! Although I am not sure if its because he may not be feeling up to par. Both kids have little colds I think. On Tuesday Grace slept for a 3 hour nap (usually only 2) and Aaron also got good naps. And then on Aaron went down to bed night before last at 8 like usual and slept till 2! And then again till 6! Yes! And then last night was almost as good he slept from 8-midnight and then till 5am! And today he had the best naps ever! He slept while we went out, ran to the bank, and a few other places probably for about 2 hours. Then he nursed while I ate lunch and promptly fell back asleep. And then he slept from about 2-5pm! I couldn't believe it! I normally don't let him nurse to sleep anymore, but he must have needed the sleep. So anyway, I am hoping he continues this trend.

Isn't he just got the sweetest smile?

I know I know I am a bit partial, but he is so cute!

Well I was busy cleaning and getting ready for my dad and sister to come out to visit tomorrow. They were going to drive but it is supposed to be bad weather through the passes and they were able to get tickets last minute to fly out. Shoot! I hear Aaron...gotta run!

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