Tuesday, February 8, 2011

frog, lil brother, drawings and what we have been up to...

I had to get out my camera today when I realized that I wasn't taking as many pictures of my sweet little boy as I had with Grace. It was really good light in the front room this afternoon and so I was able to get some pictures without blinding the kids too much!

Hey Frog! I see you!
Grace is such a great big sister. I tell her, "Grace go smile at Aaron he is fussing!" And she will go play with him a little bit and spin the frog, or spin his chair to look at something else.

I love this picture of her drawing, such vivid blue. She matched a painting I did recently.

It's hard to get actual smiles from Grace these days because she just loves saying cheese. So this was a good one to get.

I think this picture is hilarious because I just happen to catch her with her tongue out!

My boy! He looks so much like his daddy.

Look at those arms going! He was cracking me up today, because he was laughing and screaming so much. I have to get daddy to video it while I tickle him. What a love!

Tomorrow we are going to a play group we signed up with our church. Grace is so cute. We have been going to The Roch Church and on Sunday I said, "Are you excited to go to church?" And then she replied, "CHURCH!!!!" She really likes going. Daddy and I have signed up for a small group to try and get connected and we are excited to see how that goes.
Also my "step-cousin" ( ha ha) moved to Salt Lake last summer with her husband and daughter and we have gotten together a couple of times and let the girls play. We really have had a good time and talked the hours away.
Daddy is out of town again this week and hopefully he will be coming home late tomorrow night although possibly Thursday day.
I have been checking the junk mail for coupons lately and found this cool lil newspaper we get. It has some good articles about coupon collecting and grocery savings along with some fun free stuff to do with kids and grown up entertainment as well. So we might check out an art thing that is free this Saturday.
We had a great SuperBowl party/ birthday party for hubby's mom and aunt and enjoyed the yummiest Red Velvet Cake from Costco and our family's company. We made Chicken Tortilla Soup and it was a hit, I think everyone had a great time.
Valentines Day is coming soon and I have to think of something cool to do for Daddy! I have a sort of idea in the works we will see if it is doable.
Hope every one's week is going good, mine is!

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Beth said...

Those are the sweetest pics of the babes. I miss you all so much! Give those sweetie pies love and kisses from Memaw! So excited for all of your new activities! xoxo