Wednesday, February 9, 2011


For Christmas my sweet husband got me a giant canvas and I have been thinking and thinking about what I would paint on it. I finally decided to stop thinking about what I would paint exactly and just paint something after all nothing would ever be perfect. I kept thinking that it had to be perfect because I didn't want to waste the canvas. Imagine that...

So Monday of this week I actually had some free time when both Grace and Aaron were napping at the same time (Yay!) and busted open the paint colors I had chosen and did this painting. Basically had no real design. I wanted to do something abstract that was peaceful because I was going to hang it in our room. I just love color! What do you all think??

The camouflage boy is not part of the decor! And I wasn't purposefully trying to camouflage him either... LOL!

Grace has found a new fun hobby and that is climbing all over our bed. We rotate our mattress and when its rotated like it is now she can climb up way easier.

I did it!

After she plops down to the floor she says, "I fall!" she totally landed on her feet! When she follows me up the stairs she goes, "I following!"

Today we went to our first play group. It wasn't close to us and I got a little lost, oh well but we did make it! There were to mom's there. One has a little boy who is 20 months and the other had a little boy who is 11 months. Grace had fun and she loved the fact that they had a tiny slide when we walked in. "Shide!!!!"
I just love listening to Grace and the things she says. This week it's "Alone me!" (When she wants us to leave her alone or not play with her hair or tickle her or something like that)
One the way home from play group and the other day we were driving somewhere and she was just singing along. I mean singing! Of course no real words but really loud that's for sure! I said, "Grace are you singin?" I look in the mirror and she is nodding. What a hoot!
After we got back from play group at 1pm we had lunch and then naps. Aaron also woke, ate and went down for a nap as well and he had a good one! I think I am going to try to make sure it is dark in his "room" for naps. That may have been the problem in our room. That thought occur ed to me today and so I put a blanket over his little cradle and he slept real good for his nap. So we will see!
Daddy is on his way home tonight, in bad weather. He should be home within the next few hours or anytime I would assume. I talked with him briefly and he said he was OK but he hit a deer and the truck is busted on one side. He was going to be calling the insurance after he got off the phone with me. I am just glad he is ok. I can't believe the week is just flying by!
I have to go and try to pump before it gets later!

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Beth said...

Your painting is beautiful! I love the colors you chose! Hope K made it home safe and sound and you all get the truck fixed--that is so scary!!! Love you!xoxo