Thursday, February 10, 2011

Doe A Deer....

I mentioned in last nights post that my husband had hit a deer on his drive home from CO late last night. I should clarify... the deer hit him. Really. After dodging previous deer this one was in a dead run (pun intended) towards the highway. Unfortunately my husband did not see it until it was too late and its head was in the head light.

This morning I went out to see the damage and took some pictures. See that white part in the middle that looks kinda like scratches? That is actually deer fur. Gross. Yes the headlight is totally gone.

You can kinda see that the door is bent at the top and doesn't close properly. Thanks deer.

Yeah so that is the story with the deer. We got it to a place to get it fixed this morning and the company is taking care of the rental so that is good. Crazy huh? Well I just wanted to share our drama! Time go watch American Idol

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Beth said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! That is a lot of damage! So glad that K is okay. And that the truck is getting fixed and you all have a rental from the company. Love you all!