Thursday, February 3, 2011

A trip to Costco and one cool girl..

I grabbed up the kids late this afternoon after Aaron was done nursing and hauled them off to Costco. It wasn't a big deal I was only there to get diapers for Grace. Today the coupon was effective and saving six bucks was alright with me. Grace had my sunglasses and was cracking me up! She had them up on her head first and was like, "Helllooo, How YOU doing??" Anyways so I grabbed the phone and started videoing. All along trying not to run into other people! Hope you enjoy!


Beth said...

LOL! I love that little girl!!! Hugs and kisses from memaw and pepaw!

meghann said...

omg, this must be the 100th time i have watch that video...she is soooo cute!! i miss her already! love me me

meghann said...

I have watched this 100 times....she is soooo cute. I miss her soo much! Big Bear hugs from me me