Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey Hollywood!

We just finished a three day weekend with my dad and sister. They flew out early on Saturday morning and left early early this morning. We had such a good time. We didn't do anything particularly exciting just hung around and spent time together. Grace loved spending time with her Aunt M. She was so good and patient with Grace and Grace just soaked up all the personal attention from her Aunt. They played with cars, flash cards and worked on her ABC's. In fact this morning the first thing Grace asked for this morning was where was Papou and MeMe?
Daddy took my family to the airport really early and then headed up to Idaho for work. He is there overnight tonight, so hopefully he will have an easy day of it tomorrow and get back quickly.
Today the kids and I went out to Kohls because they are clearing out a bunch of stuff and so I got a couple of Tee shirts for me and 2 long sleeved shirts for Grace for $2 each. They also had sunglasses on sale so I got Grace a pair. She is so cute!

I have to tell you about my lil boy though. Last night we had the GREATEST night of sleep ever! I nursed Aaron at 6:30pm and then put him to bed at 7ish. I fell asleep shortly after 10pm. Aaron slept till a little after 2am! Yes that is like 7 hours! Awesome. Then I guess he woke up maybe 430, but daddy wrapped him up and I never heard him peep. Then he woke up at about 7am! It was great! I am going to have to try and wrap him up if he wakes like that again tonight. He has been such a joy lately. Well he is all the time, but he is getting so verbal. I know this video is sideways, I took it on my phone. But he got a great nap while we were at Kohls today and was so awake, talkative and wiggly today. In fact he has been getting a schedule lately. The last several days he has been awake at 7 for the day. So I decided yesterday that it was time to get back on the treadmill. When he goes down for his first nap of the day. Today he only slept from about 30 min, just enough time for me to walk on the treadmill for 25 min. But I did it and was planning on taking it easy today anyways.

Well I got to run. I cut Grace's bangs on a towel on my bed tonight, however she still managed to get hair all over the sheets. (Lesson learned) So I need to go grab them out of the dryer and make my bed and then go to bed! And call my husband! XOXO


Beth said...

Grace looks so grown up in that photo! She looks like a big kid! Love the shades, too! Mr. Wiggles is adorable in the videos--on the blog and the one you sent us. I can't wait to see snuggle him again!

Bruce said...

I love that pic of Gracie!! I think I am going to steal it. Shhh!! Aaron is getting so big!!

LoriAlbrecht said...

I love the glasses! So cute!! :)