Friday, February 25, 2011

Aaron's latest and greatest

I don't have any pics of the kids tonight, however I wanted to let you know what my boy has been up too! Not a whole lot, but he has been making the cutest raspberries yesterday and today. He is so ticklish too! Whenever I lay him down to change him, he loves it when I tickle his ribs and he laughs and laughs.

I love his sweet smile. He has his hands in his mouth all the time. Earlier today he had his 1st finger of each hand in his mouth and it looked like he was trying to whistle.

His nails grow so fast and I am forever trimming them. He has the cutest little freckle on his forehead that appeared a few weeks ago.

His schedule has been getting more consistent. It seems like he likes to be up at 7am. He has been up that early everyday this week.

On a side note I worked out Tuesday and Thursday and Friday. Wednesday we had playgroup so I skipped it. I have the latest season of Biggest Loser on our DVR just waiting for the day when I would get the time to start working out after Aaron was born. I forgot that the episodes are 2 hours long! I have been only doing 25 minute workouts to start back up again to get in the groove. (And that's all the free Aaron time I can squeeze in). It has been great and I want to keep at it.

Time to jet off to bed!


Beth said...

I went to your blog in April 27 2009 and you had videos posted of Grace at the same age and you posted that you had just gotten her second laugh out of have four videos of her...thought you would like to see them again. Love you!

Joshua J said...

what is a raspberry??