Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Play Group and the Zoo?

It's Wednesday and our play group day again. We had a new mom and her 14 month daughter. Yay I am not the new mom But we had a good time and Grace was actually playing with the the other 2 year old for a little bit today. He is taller than her and so he would look down and say something to her and she would look up at him and nod and say something back. So cute! I have no idea what they were saying as I was across the room. But glad to see the interaction. Aaron woke up and watched the kids too and then we nursed and headed home for lunch.
Daddy came home during nap today and he had to head out to a call up by the zoo. Today on it was noted that today was the last day for free admission at Utah's Hogle Zoo for winter. So we tried to get into the zoo late this afternoon but unfortunately they closed before we could get in. Oh well another day. We might try to hit up Target (another find on on Saturday they are having a free Dr. Suess story time from 9-11 with coupons and giveaways. Hopefully we will make it and it will be fun.
After our bust at the zoo we went to a park down the street to let Grace slide for about 15 minutes because she was so excited about going to the zoo. (She kept saying 'elephants mommy' on the way up) So sliding was 2nd best. Anyway I took this video of Aaron (better than last nights because you can actually see him) and Daddy and Grace!

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