Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy Valentines Day

We had a very busy Valentines Day today. First we had to get our sweet Aaron to his 4 month checkup and see how he was doing. He is 13 lbs in the 15%tile and 25 inches long in the 75%tile. So basically he is still tall and skinny! LOL! We didn't get him any vaccines of course and he is doing fine, right where he should be the dr said. We made cookies last night Miss Grace and I and we took them to some people today. We took our pediatrician some because we really love Dr. T! He is so great and works with us with what we want and we really appreciate that!

Then we took some of our cookies to a friend of mine from work. It was a good day because she had stayed home from work today and was feeling down. She has some kitties and Grace loved playing with her cats and we hoped that seeing Grace and getting some yummy cookies helped cheer her up.

Then we went to Daddy's allergist and Grace went in with him while Aaron stayed with me in the car and slept till he woke up. Then off to Cafe Rio for lunch with Grandma. We exchanged Valentine treats. Then off to Grandma Lynn's work and quickly dropped off her cookies. Then back home for Grace's nap. After her nap she gave Daddy his Valentine present. A couple of T-Shirts and some candy. She had so much fun giving him her presents. She was so cute. "Oh Boy!" She kept saying. LOL
I took the picture below at lunch and she was telling me she is 2! Look how cute she is!

And this was in the car after Air Bear woke up.
Just finishing watching the Bachelor now! Gotta see who goes home! Hope your all Valentines Day was great, mine sure was!

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