Friday, February 11, 2011

Dinner at Virgs'

Tonight we went to a new place for dinner. It's this home style place called Virg's. They have all sorts of really good food. I've seen the place from the freeway a million times and never thought to try it. My husband got a couple chili Verde burritos and I got a bacon cheeseburger and we got Grace a plain cheeseburger. The food was HUGE! And really good too! We couldn't help but crack up as we watched Grace chow down on her food. Her burger was easily twice as big as a normal burger we would get her. We were amazed that she ate most of it and fries! I had to get my phone out and take a video of her chomping her down.

I also took a video of my little boy (while I was waiting for Grace to finish chewing a bite) and he was giving me great smiles.

Lately he has been really showing his personality. He has been cooing a lot and I mimic him and he loves it. He also does sort of a little scream when he coos as well and it just cracks me up. He is getting so big and he has his 4 month check up on Monday.

We got back from dinner and promptly put on How to Train Your Dragon for Grace. She has been dying to watch a "show". So we finally got to the end of the week and let her stay up late to watch it. We put it on and she was like, "Show Time, Show Time". What a hoot. Oh and another thing that she did that was so funny today. Whenever she misbehaves (what? Grace way...) she has to sit against the door to the garage for a 2 minute time out. Then she has to say sorry and then we hug and kiss after we talked about why she was on a time out. She is so funny so today she went on time out for something and there happen to be one of her little dollhouse dolls next to her. It was the Grandma doll. She kept saying Mam-ma Mout. (Grandma Time out) and then she was sitting her propped up against the door. Monkey See Monkey Do! Anyway, time to jet, enjoy the videos they are fun!

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Beth said...

Awww...we love the new videos. Aaron is really coming into his own personality! Just love that handsome boy and his gorgeous smile. And miss gracie is getting so grown up and just as precious as always! We miss you ALL so much!!Pepaw and I were just talking today about planning a trip to come see you.