Thursday, June 16, 2011

8 months old

Aaron was 8 months old on Monday the 13th! I can't believe my youngest son is 8 months already, that is so close to a year...I know this summer will zoom by and he will be one year old before I know it. Aaron loves to stand up and kind of walk these days, he gets so excited and starts his panting and laughing. It's so cute. So far he doesn't have any teeth, and that's good because I am still breast feeding in the morning when he wakes up, after nap around 3ish and then before bed. He eats his rice cereal and fruits or veggies. Right now I am thinking he is going to be a picky eater, although I hope not. I recently found Gerbers Yogurt Melts and he loves them. He is pretty good about picking them up and getting them to his mouth. I think it helps that they stick to his fingers.

He wears a size 3 diaper and he wears a variety of sized clothing. Regular short sleeve onesies he wears in a size 9 month, but anything that needs to be long like a footie pajama has to be a 12 month. He just has long arms and legs like his daddy. Speaking of his Daddy, just wait until I get this picture of K when he was a baby scanned and uploaded. I am not joking they look like identical twins. Seriously if you didn't know any better they would be the same kid.
Aaron is also inch crawling pretty good now. He can get up and down on all fours but I think that his legs are stronger than his arms and his arms get tired faster. That's why he just kicks with his legs on his belly. Although he gets pretty frustrated with that quickly. I know he wants to crawl and walk. Thank goodness this week he started sleeping through the night all the way again. That sure was a long time period that he regressed to not sleeping. He goes down about 730 or 8 depending on his naps and then wakes up at 6 or 7am. This morning I was wiped so I nursed him and put him back down and he slept till 830. But then his naps were short today.

Here is Grace making a funny face. She is doing really good with the potty training. She has gone #2 in the potty all by herself twice now! She did it today while K and I were hustling trying to make 2 giant bowls of fruit salad for our Wendover trip tomorrow. We both had to stop and give her tons of praise. She still has accidents but not in any public places yet, and I have taken her out in public places without diapers too. Sometimes she throws a fit about not want to try to go potty, but then when she finally sits down she goes. So I don't know what that's about.

I have been running like crazy all week and am pooped out. Especially since its almost 1:30 in the morning and I have been going all day today. I finally finished all my laundry, got diapers washing, dishes washing, the dogs ready and vaccinated ready to be boarded. Food made to take to Wendover, Evites for my sister in laws bridal shower sent out tonight, clothes packed for kids and us, and blog posted. Done! Tomorrow morning we have to have the dogs to the kennel right at 7am when they open and have to meet the rest of the crew at 8 by the lake. Breakfast on the road and we are on our way to Wendover for the Fathers Day Car show. We go every year and its a ton of fun! I know I still have a 2nd camping post and the zoo post to get done, but wanted to let you all in on what we are doing this weekend. Happy Father's Day Early to all those great dad's out there! LOVE!

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