Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Camping Pictures

Ok so I hate to do this but this post is going to be backwards. I was halfway through uploading our camping pictures and the computer died. Which is fine because Blogger autosaves, but then it wouldn't continue to upload pictures once I got back in. So here we are. This is day 2 of our camping trip. This is Michelle she is my husbands grandfathers (who has passed now) sister. Her husband is Joe. You can see part of the pop trailer in the background. We stayed on the RV pad that is next to their property. Grace and Daddy having a S'more! Joe and Michelle have a nice little fire pit in their yard (they live in the almost boonies...) and cute wood stumps to sit when your by the fire.

Grace loved doing this, we were only able to have a fire one night though because it was just too windy. Every time the wind would die down we thought we would have a fire, then the wind would pick back up again. All in all we had great weather, sunny and about 70, but the wind was just crazy nuts.

My sweet hubby, smiling with his eyes closed. Love you Babe!

Again our trailer in the dark.


Grace epitomizes camping. Dirty jeans and dusty shoes, beanie and hoodie make for the cutest 2 year old camper one ever did see!

Going to bed now and hoping Blogger or the computer doesn't act up tomorrow so I can finish the camping post.

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