Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Father's Day Car Show 2011

Every year we go out to Wendover, NV to celebrate Father's Day at a classic car show. K's grandparents bring out a bunch along with some of their friends and we have a big group of people. Here is our "campsite" and this picture is about half of it. My sweet little Aaron.

Crystal and her fiance Devin with Grace.

Crystal's car and her grandmother Lynn blew up one of her engagement pictures with the car and put it in the window.

It's hard to see with the glare but I tried for a closer picture.

Grace telling the people who were revving their hot rod's engine really loud, "No! Be quiet!"

Grace and Mommy doing our "cheese" cheek to cheek smile.

Grace helping to push the Aaron in the stroller.

Zoey and Grace. Grace loved riding on the scooter with Zoey and she did so well!

Some pics of other people's cars in the shows. I love this one, they painted it Metamucil orange and can you see the license plate and whats sitting in the dash behind the windshield wiper? A can of Metamucil!

I love the blinker on this car, it looks like a crystal from superman!

Doesn't this truck remind you of Mater from Cars??

Cool old car with lantern headlights.

And my favorite a Corvette Sting Ray, although I would get it in a different color..maybe red?

Zoey and Grace in the Daddy's car before the Poker Run.

Toby and Luke in their daddy's car before the Poker Run.

Grace and Aaron in Grace's bed in the hotel room.

Grace at the buffet in the morning for breakfast.

Grace and Jason (Zoey's dad) checking out the mirrored ceiling.

Toby showing me his missing teeth.

Hi Daddy! Happy Father's Day to the best dad ever!

Aaron having himself some sausage for breakfast.

We had a great weekend like always and now I just have to get the bridal party pics up! Then that can be checked off my list. Finally starting to get in the groove of things back here at home!

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Beth said...

The photos are so good. I know you had a great time! Toby and Luke are getting so big! So cute of everyone!