Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Hi All,
I had to pop in tonight and get an update for all my blog readers. I can't believe how summer is here and it seems like it is just zooming by. I know it's because we have been so busy vacationing. Also I have been busy with all of my "kids". Hee Hee.
Lets see what have we been up too. Well you all know we went to San Diego, then we went camping (I know, I know I still need to do a camping post!), and my sister in law is getting married at the beginning of August and Grace is going to be the flower girl. Her wedding went from super tiny to super huge and I have been up to eyeballs in wedding planning. Of course I enjoy it! LOL! Although it's all my own doing, I am not the official wedding planner or anything. I am also throwing her a Nightmare Before Christmas Bridal Shower...and I am so excited about that. I saw this theme on a party blog and had to steal the it! My sister in law loves that movie (and she loves the color black too!) so I think its going to be great! I have been busy surfing the net for all kinda of great ideas and can't wait.
Then this weekend we are headed out to Wendover, NV for the annual Father's Day Car Show. We leave on Friday morning and caravan out with all of the cars in our group and then head home on Sunday morning. It only takes about 3 hours to get out there, so it's not a long road trip. Although I am a bit worried, what with all of our road tripping lately we know Aaron is not a fan of the long car rides.
I have so much to do before the weekend. We have to get the dogs vaccinations update so we can board them. I have to go to the grocery, I have to make a side dish to bring to Wendover, I need to get the E-vites out for the bridal shower. I need to finish laundry and then pack, and of course then any extra bridal shower stuff I can squeeze in there, because then its the following weekend.
On top of that my brother and sister in law are in town and we will be going down to see them on Wednesday and Thursday. They are also coming out to the car show, which I am excited about. It will be fun having them there this year.
On another note, Aaron had started sleeping through the night again but then the last couple of days he has woken up at odd hours. I think he is hayfevering with the warm weather because his nose has been running like crazy. But I have come to the conclusion he has a hard time putting himself back to sleep. Its like he wakes up and then realizes he is awake and gets sad about it. So lately I have been letting him cry it out, and its usually not very long. I want to just go in there and let him nurse, but I know that's not what he needs because he was sleeping through the night just fine before we went on vacation. Plus he needs to learn to put himself back to sleep. Poor kid he just woke up and its only 11pm, he has only been asleep for 3 hours. He sounds so sad.
Daddy has been traveling a lot lately. He had to go to CO spontaneously this morning. Luckily he was able to get in and fix the problem quickly and he should be back early tomorrow.
Grace has been doing pretty good with her potty training. Yesterday we walked down to a garage sale and she had panties on for that and then we came home and she went. Then we went out to Michael's and she had panties on for that and she came home and went. So 2 short adventures in one day and she did great! Oh and on Saturday she had a diaper on and we went out to dinner and she told me she had to go potty so she went at the restaurant!! I was so proud of her. Now the only two things to figure out with her and potty training are: 1) How to have her remember to tell me when she is playing with friends. I have been putting diapers on her in the afternoons because the kids are here and she gets to playing and has accidents and I don't want her running around naked with them. (In the morning after she has a accident or 2 often I just let her be bottomless until naptime) and then 2.) How to get her to go #2 in the potty. That has yet to happen. She goes in her panties or her diaper. So I am stuck, any good recommendations or ideas?
Well its getting late and I should be going to bed.

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Beth said...

I didn't realize the shower was that soon! wow! It sounds like you have it together for everything! Good for you! You're making me tired just reading about it all! haha! Love you!