Monday, June 6, 2011

San Diego Zoo 2011

Ok gang, here are the long awaited for zoo pictures. I started uploading these pics and didn't realize there was so many. I just wished I had taken more pictures at other times during our trip. I am getting better at remembering to take pictures, but sometimes I regress into old habits of not remembering. Anyway, I digress. Here we are at the beginning and I didn't take pictures of the animals on purpose, because the animals never come across as "cool" in the pictures as they do up close and personal in real life. Besides you came to this blog to see super cuties right? Not animals. Uncle C, Auntie MeMe and Memaw.
Grace...I think she was looking at monkeys.

Daddy and Pepaw

Pepaw and Grace at the "alligators in the water".


I wonder what they are thinking....?

Uncle C and Grace!

Cousins! These kiddos are getting so big! I can't believe E and R were our flower girl and ring bearer at our wedding! Now they are all practically teenagers!

Little Miss and her Pepaw and Memaw

Auntie MeMe

Ok I LOVE this picture! I mean how adorable is that? The sweet little fly looks up at her aunt and says, "Please don't eat me Auntie MeMe, I'll give you my most precious smile!"

My handsome little Aaron sitting like such a big boy.

I had to post both of these because one he is actually looking at the camera. He cracks me up because he always has this wide eyed look. So serious.

But he is smiling here.

Kind of blurry and missing Grace's smile, but a family picture.

These didn't turn out as good as I had hoped, but had to do it again.

Riding the skyway thingy. She looks scared here but she wasn't.

Couldn't resist this one Pepaw! Grace and Pepaw watching a movie after a busy day. They were both pooped!

Ok well that's all the pictures for now..I will try to get some more up tomorrow. Wednesday we are going to the Hogle Zoo with our playgroup! That should be fun!

It has been so nice out! Summer is officially here and I am so glad. Oh also Grace had her 2nd checkup today along with Daddy's check up and she did so superb! She gets an A+. She has 16 teeth and is getting one of her 2yr molars. They "tickled" her teeth with the rubber cup brusher thing, and flossed and counted her teeth and then they even out fluoride on. Which I was super impressed with because our dentist uses this new wax that you paint on your teeth and your supposed to leave it on for a minimum of like 4 hours or something. You can eat with it on and everything its just annoying as all get out! Bla I hate it, plus it takes like 4 times of brushing your teeth to get it off. Grace had the same stuff that we get and it didn't phase her at all! She's such a big girl! Love you Grace!

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Pepaw said...

I love the pic of Gracie and I crashed out on the couch!! Awesome pics, Ash!!