Monday, June 20, 2011

Babysitting and Camping 2.0

It's Monday night and the beginning of the week, but the slowing down of the craziness around here. This is what we have been up this summer. Here is a shot of what I deal with in the afternoons. :P My kids plus 3 more. On this afternoon since none of the napping kids took very long naps I told them that we would walk over to the elementary school and they could play. I loaded the babies into the jogging stroller and the "big"kids walked. The only problem we had was we went right when school was letting out for the day and we were walking against traffic. They had a ton of fun and they all listen really well. Some sweet pictures of Auntie MeMe and Aaron.

This is Aaron favorite thing to do...stand. Aunt Crystal came over today and she was watching Aaron trying to stand and she was amazed. I was like, I told ya, this kid just gets annoyed with crawling! lol

Here are the rest of the camping pictures. Grace and Aaron checking out our bed.

Our trailer in the RV trailer park.

I took these while Daddy was taking the trailer down the next morning. It's easier to just distract the kids and let daddy do it than to try to help sometimes.

Grace checking out the animals..I forgot what kind of bird that is. Can you see it? Its white, behind the water bucket, but that tall thing is the water spicket.


Grace's friend showing us around the RV park.


So cute! The three of them sitting in this little chair carved out of a tree stump.

The bone tree. Its hard to see but there are animal bones hanging on it.

Nash's Bone cool.

Handsome boy.

A steep slide Grace would only go down with Mommy or Daddy. But super fast and fun!

The mountains/rock face in Torrey.

Aaron and Joe. Adorable.

Grace showing me her doll.

If that isn't the cutest, dirtiest camping kid I ever did see, then I don't know who is!

So we got back from Wendover safe and sound and had a blast. Pictures to come-I promise! It was nice to visit and actually relax when the kids were napping. Read a book.

Right now I am in full wedding/bridal shower mode. I am throwing my sister in law Crystal a Nightmare Before Christmas themed bridal shower this Friday. (I am so excited!) I am also trying to help her out with planning her wedding. She is getting married in August and she leaves to do a humanitarian research study with her UofU Nursing program in a couple of weeks. She is going to Africa and will be gone most of July. She comes back on a Thursday and gets married the following Thursday. Crazy huh! So its wedding central around here! (I know poor Daddy huh, he is immersed in wedding talk).

Also the kids I babysit are part of a wedding this Saturday for their mom's stepsister. So they are busy with wedding stuff too. It actually kind of works because they have the rehearsal dinner tomorrow so that frees me up with time to run errands. I have to go get Grace's flower girl dress and some some other things.

I really have enjoyed helping Crystal with all of this stuff though. I love planning and organizing and she has been really appreciative, (which is good because I was trying to not be overwhelming!)

I also took the jogging stroller out this morning and walked over the the party store to get things for the bridal shower, and the hit Office Depot for some card stock. I figured I would get my workout in and my errands! I ran most of the way home and boy is it an art to learn to run while pushing a stroller. I am used to running and swinging my arms. But it is time to get back to eating less junk ( I eat too much on vacation) and continiuous workouts. I only have like 6 weeks until Crystal's wedding! :P

Well time to go surf the net again and cross things off of my list and make new lists! Ha Ha Ha!

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looks like you guys are enjoying your summer! and i'm pretty sure kent looks like he never wants to go down a slide again in that picture! great way to start off my morning with a good hearty laugh :)