Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just tonight

Sweet little Aaron is minutes away from crawling. He goes from a sit to his hands and knees then to his tummy and then he inches his way forward, inch by inch to reach what he wants. He can also get back up from laying down to a sit position. He loves pulling himself up and I think he prefers doing that than trying to learn to crawl. In fact a few times today I thought he might just skip regular crawling and go right to walking! LOL

That horrible looking scrape on Grace's back...yeah she is in full toddler scrapes and bruises mode these days....she got that last night, from sliding down the concrete front steps. Ouch huh? It was really cute though...I had just put Aaron down to bed and she and Daddy were sitting on the front steps looking at the moon. It wasn't dark yet, but you could see a sliver of the moon. She specifically asked me and Daddy to sit and look at the moon with her (cute huh?) then she started climbing on the railing and I guess at some point thought that she should slide down the steps on her bottom. Only problem concrete steps and her back don't mix well. She did cry but not for very long, it looks worse today.
She is doing so well with her potty training and can tell me when she has to go. However we tried panties this afternoon when the extra kids were over and we had an accident. So that might need to wait. Right now I am just having her wear the panties in the mornings before naps and letting her get used to them and what not.

Ok so don't my kids look so darn cute? This is right before bath time tonight. Aaron is pulling himself up whenever and wherever he can. And so proud of himself he is too! He was just slapping the bathtub with excitement!

Tomorrow we have an early day at the Zoo! Love my kiddos!

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Beth said...

Precious! I can't get over how fast Aaron is growing and getting mobile! I just love the pic of the two of them. His smile is so darn sweet.