Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big 3 Birthday Girl!

Grace turned 3 years old yesterday and I got her some donuts for breakfast.  After breakfast I let her open her cards and a couple of gifts that came in the mail the day before.  She had such focus opening the cards.
 Cinderella!  She loved her princess cards and Tinkerbell cards!
 Look at that face! Her bangs are getting so long, but I am not going to cut them.  We are growing them out, because they are so thick and start far back on her head, so it's time to change it up.  But of course that means time and patience.
 She got new panties size 4T!!  Tinkerbell and more princess, she loves it! And that is a smile!
 Playing with her new Tinkerbell doll.  You pull a string and Tinks wings move, light up and it plays a little song.

 Dinner at McDonalds with mommy and daddy before dance class.  She ate her cheeseburger and got to open her present!

 We got her a VTech computer.  I actually picked it up earlier this year on clearance and she totally loves it! Also she is so good at it already.  She can practice her letters and numbers and different puzzles and it has a little mouse.  Its pretty great. 

 I love this picture because it reminds me of a picture that my mom took of her when she first played a Sesame Street game on my moms computer when she was one.

 So sweet, like a little doll!  You just want to squish her cheeks!

 I know this pic is kind of far away, but she went down the slide at McDonalds a couple of times while Daddy was opening her computer and it was a brand new playground, so the slide went super fast.  She thought it as a hoot!
 Then we hurried off to dance class.  Even though we were a few minutes late we were still the first ones there.  However two other little girls showed up and it was much better I think.  Here they are warming up.

 Second position (I think).  Love this!
 Watching the other girls.
 Free dancing low on the ground.  So we signed up for 4 weeks and we will see how it goes.  She didn't want to wear her leg warmers (which I thought would have looked so cute) but you cant force it, ya know?  Her birthday was a blast and she has been all about being a big girl today since she had her birthday yesterday.  All day she kept referring to how she could do this or that because she is a big girl now and she is three. 
 Love this boy! I just had to share his sweet face.  He has been doing pretty good with his naps.  Although he was up early this morning.  Awake at 520 and then again at 6 something and finally came to snuggle in at 7ish. 

I have my next prenatal appointment tomorrow.  This little girl is a crazy mover! Anytime I am still she is moving around.  At night before I go to sleep she is kicking me.  This morning when I wake up she is kicking me, at playgroup sitting on the couch she is kicking me.  Today at naps I try to catch some z's she is kicking me.  Sitting in the lazy boy while I fold clothes, again she is kicking me!  And she is kicking me right now as I write this!!!   I wonder how active she is going to be when she is here!
This week has been so busy.  Sunday we had a birthday dinner for Grace and her uncles at Grandma's.  Then we had K's brother and his family over for dinner on Monday night, while they were in town.  Yesterday was Grace's birthday and dance class.  Today we had playgroup and tomorrow prenatal appointment and then a birthday party for her little friend at the bounce house place.  
Time to get off the computer and get cozy in PJ's-night night!

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Alyssa Marie said...

Oh man your kids are cute. :) I remember sitting in church with Leanna, and she received a text or email on her phone that Grace had been born. It doesn't seem like that long ago. :) The little girl I nanny for was growing her bangs out. We used to put them in a mini braid or twist and she felt like a princess with them pinned back. So cute. :)