Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Organizing on a Tuesday

This picture I took on Saturday after K came home.  Kiddos loving on their daddy!
 Last night when I was falling asleep, it took me a little bit longer than usual because I was thinking about all the closets I wanted to organized today.  So that is what I worked on today, cleaning out the tops of the kids closets and pulling things out to sell on Ebay.  I am eager for everything to have a place and to live more simply.  Especially since, as soon as baby girl gets here I am not going to want to do an extra organizing chores of such.
 OK I love this picture...Can anyone guess what it is.  I have been meaning to post it, since we got back from SD in Dec. Grace drew it shortly after.  Any ideas??? Ok I will tell you..its a tent and a campfire at the desert!! So cute huh?? Her first drawing of something real!
 My little bear vacuuming away with the popper!
 He was a whirl of activity while I was trying to take his picture tonight.
 A family friend got Grace signed up for a 2nd dance class on Thursday nights at her church.  It has a lot of little girls in it and she got Grace this leotard and tights.  Grace just loves it and wants to wear it as much as she can.
 Showing me flamingo again.  So we headed off to dance class with just me and Grace, Aaron stayed home with Daddy and it was nice to have just one child for a little bit.  I dropped her off and headed to Target to return a basket I got that was too big.  I also got a couple of dollar spray bottles to put water in for the kids to help me 'clean'.  I also saw a church friend at Target and chit chatted with her a lil bit.  It was a nice lil kid free time although too short! :)
 So when we got home tonight Daddy and Aaron had picked up some toys and the living room was clutter free (I love that!) and so was their rooms!  We put cranky pants Aaron down a lil bit early and then Grace and I read her 'Nana Books'.  She loves reading them and usually wants to read ALL of them!  She is so cute!
This week is going by so fast, I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday!

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