Thursday, January 5, 2012

Birthday Party & Dance Class

Here are pictures of Grace's birthday party with her little friend.  Her friend turned 4 and of course Grace will be 3 next week.  Aaron after he went down the slide with Daddy.
 Grace getting off the slide by herself.
 Other birthday girl H.
 Birthday girl's little sister S, who is super tiny! She is 2!
 One of Grace's little friend A who I used to tend last spring.
 A picture of the slide, Grace getting the last ride in before she went in to eat pizza.
 Another playgroup friend M, who's party is going to be there next week, she turns 2!
 Grandma and Aaron playing with the ball.
 Daddy hanging around.
 Grandma and Aaron
 I think Aaron looks hilarious here, because he is so dubious of Grandma taking the picture.
 Hey Mom, whatcha doin?
 Pizza and Capri Sun Juice, what more could a kid ask for?
 Mommy and Air Bear
 The 2 birthday girls.  This picture also cracks me up because Grace so seldom gives a big cheesy grin for pictures, so she must have been having a blast!
 Daddy and Aaron having some pizza.
 Ok I took a couple of pictures of Grace at dance class.  I didn't want her to hear the camera going off since it was just her and she had a hard time focusing being the only student and only 3 as it is.  But she was so cute stretching out. 
 I think they were learning 2nd position from ballet here.  We were sitting in the back of the gym. The class is just at a rec center, so they don't have a real dance studio but its only $18 a month, so we will see how it goes. She liked it and I am hoping that with more kids it will be more fun. Although being her first class I didn't really know what to expect, whether I wanted more instruction and less fun or vice versa, so we will see.  Also I plan on talking with my SIL who was the one who taught Grace her somersaults "monkey rolls" and who used to teach the little girls in her old studio, what to expect. 

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday, the week sure has flown by.  I finally got our desk posted for sale online! I am hoping it sells, I want it out of the house while I am in a cleaning mood.  Looking forward to tomorrow night having dinner with K's brother and his family!

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