Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dance and New Rooms!

So I think I have finally finished doing the kids rooms up.  These pictures are from Tuesday before I took Grace to her dance class.  She was trying to show me 'flamigo' where she puts her hands outs and puts her foot against her knee.  Kinda of like a tree pose in yoga.
 She loves her ballet slippers I got her.
 And of course my Air Bear bringing me his shoes. He knows to go get his shoes on to go Bye Bye and has even tried to put them on himself.  Such a smart little boy, he understands so much!  Now if he can just learn some words so that he can communicate better with me instead of whining at me!  He has been in super mommy mode the last week n half.  Just wanting me to hold him a lot and he puts his head on my shoulder and snuggles in.  I love my snuggles, I just wish he didn't want to always snuggle when I was in the middle of doing something,
 So Memaw and Pepaw got the kids these little license plates with their names on them and I decided to put them on their doors. 
 Here is Aaron's room.  I finally got him his toy bin and a shelf to put his piggy bank on. I got the kids 2 free piggy banks from our banks.  They are very cute and Grace is into money now.  I had bought the letter A awhile ago with the intent to finish buying the rest of the letters in his name at Michael's using a coupon every week but only got one letter so far. But the A looks cute up there for now.  I also put the green and blue chairs from the folding table in Grace's room in Aaron's room since his room is painted green leftover from the office. I thought about repainting it a more lighter neutral color, but that is not happening at this stage of pregnancy.
 The walls are actually a darker green than they come across in the picture.  I also moved the glider into Aaron's room since it made more room for playing in Grace's.
 I put the tree picture back up with the shark picture.  They are just a couple of art pictures leftover from my high school days, but they went with the color scheme and we had them framed already so why not? 
 So as you can see we moved the changing table into his room as we still change him, also creating more space in Grace's room.  I got some darkening panels for their rooms and we put the maple chest in the closet.  There is still lots of Daddy's stuff up in his closet but it's ok there for now.
 We also got the rug at Home Depot and inadvertently its the exact same rug as my moms, just bigger!  I wasn't sure it would go at first because it has more blue in it, but I actually really liked it there once we got it in the room.
 Grace's room...
 Oh yeah here is a close up of Aaron's toy bin, not quite as full as Grace's but I am sure it will get there! LOL!
 OK now back to Grace's room. I moved her kitchen out of the closet and into the corner.  Her new darkening panels as well.
 It's kind of hard to see but I had to put her name letters back up because when her crib was in the corner it was high enough she was able to rip A, C & E off the wall.  She LOVES her toddler bed!
 Her toy bin.  The black bucket we painted as a project last year to hold all of her kitchen/food toys.  Then the basket for her stuffed animals which I just downsized by about 90%, she had way to many.  Now it holds her pillow pets and a couple of new stuffed animals and her blankies.
 Her shelf which I love! I stuck her Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls up there with her piggy bank and her star wand from her first birthday.  Also a couple of framed pictures her Nana gave her to the right.  The shelves have to have light stuff on them, they are the sturdiest, but it keeps the piggy banks up out of harms reach.
 Her closet, I moved Daddy's chest of drawers into her closet so she can get her clothes.  She was getting chairs and pulling stuff down off of hangers and I was worried about hangers snapping.  I still have to go through the top of her closet because she has a bunch of bigger sized clothes up there and some toys I have to figure out.  I also stuck a pink and green blanket she had from when she was born on top of the chest of drawers.  I gave her that red makeup bag I had extra to hold her "Jewels".  She got a bunch of play jewelery for Christmas and loves her jewels!
 Her new comforter and sheet set. It's pink and green with lady bugs and she LOVES it as well!
 It has a sheet and a comforter and it's reversible and now we don't have 52, 000 blankies in bed at night.
 I told him to smile and he did!! Love that lil bear!!
 Our family friend Jolynn asked if she could put Grace in the dance class at her church and since she as taking care of the cost and carpooling I was game!  Also there are more girls, so I think we are going to finish up the 2 weeks we have left at the rec center and stick with this until April, when they will have a little recital  Tonight was Grace's first night and she was so cute!! Jo also got her a black leotard and some pink and black tights.  I will take more pictures of her wearing them next week!  Lots of girls tonight and she just jumped right in!  She is so easy going.
I have been sick with a cold this week and its a huge pain being sick and pregnant because I can't take anything.  Another bummer with that is that K has been in Rhode Island for training with his work.  So I miss him and the help.  He comes home Saturday and will be home for 2 weeks before he has to go again.  We are definitely going to try to get away for a long weekend without the kids before little sister arrives. 
I am also nesting like crazy!! It's is funny, I am just purging stuff left and right and organizing, organizing, organizing.  My next project is to try to sell out couch downstairs, we don't really use it and it just sits in front of a ton of storage space that we can access.  We sold our desk on Wednesday and I was glad to see it go out of our garage.  I also donated a bunch of clothes and stuffed animals today.  Like I said, purging.
Well I got to get off to bed and get my rest so I can get rid of this cold! Night!

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