Thursday, January 19, 2012

Errands to run

We had such a busy day today and frankly I am glad it is done.  Both the kids were up at 730 for good, which is fine but K and I went to bed late after midnight.  These days I need at the very least my 8 hrs of sleep, and more than that is usually good with this pregnancy.  And it's never a solid 8 hrs, I was up with the dogs once and up with Aaron around 6ish.  However...after breakfast I was ready to get going and hit the road.  If it didn't snow today then I was going to be out and about and getting stuff done.  So off we went.  First stop was Target where I had to exchange some little ballet slippers for Grace for a bigger size.  I also got Aaron's toy bin organizer and bins, and a shelf for each of their rooms, as well as some toiletries we needed. 
Of course we had to use the restroom before we could check out and then it was back in the car to head over to Babies R US.  We had bought these new fangled sippy cups there on Monday.  They are hard to explain, but they didn't have a spout and were like drinking from a real cup but with a lid.  Anyway, Aaron wouldn't drink out of them and I couldn't really blame him because they were weird.  Returned those, got our money back and got 2 normal sippy cups.  Off to Wal-Mart to exchange the curtain panel I bought in the wrong size.  Back out to the car and luckily (this wasn't originally on our list) but there was an Office Max and so I returned the label maker tape I had bought on Tuesday because K told me he has some more tape for it some where in his office already.  Which was good because that stuff was expensive at $23!  Then we walked over to Firehouse Subs and had an early lunch.  They have really good subs, especially considering they do hot subs.  But I ask them to make them cold and they are delicious and the kids eat pretty well at "samwhich place" when we go.  Grace did manage to knock her drink over twice.  Of course the first time it didn't make a mess so she had to do it again so we could have them mop up fruit punch.  Ahh kids!  She was trying to protect her paper from Air know that is important.
After lunch we were cruising right along and so we got some groceries and were out of there by 12:30, which I was amazed at.  Aaron fell asleep in the car and he slept until about 2pm.  (Not in the car, in his bed)  I don't think Grace naps at all these days, but generally she stays quiet in her room.
I got the kids laundry done and put Grace's away in her new to her chest of drawers.  I also folded Aaron's cloth diapers and put away his disposables.  Grace played with play-doh and the dogs ate up Aaron's Teddy Grahams when he dropped them on the floor.

After daddy got done with work we headed out for Chinese food to satisfy his craving...hey wait..isn't it me who should be have my cravings satisfied??? :) I actually had no cravings at dinner time so it sounded good and surprisingly the kids ate their chinese food really well.  Especially Aaron who is a picky eater.  But they brought out this mango sorbet after dinner and it seemed to clear Aaron's pallet, because he would have some of that and then stuff fried chicken pieces in his mouth. 
Before dinner Grace and I played catch with the bouncy ball and she is catching the ball so good!  She is really learning to keep her eye on the ball and she can really huck it too!  Aaron even caught it a few times while sitting in my lap. 

Tomorrow I hope to put together Aaron's toy bin organizer while I work on laundry and then also iron the curtains if I have time.  I didn't get to that yet.  Hopefully K will be able to put their shelves I got them before he leaves for some more training on Sunday.  I think their rooms should be done by the end of next week, because I just have a few finishing touches.  I am crossing my fingers.  It's funny though because K keep laughing about how I am nesting so much.  And I really have to agree with him.  I tend to like organization and detail anyway, but I don't remember being so into nesting with the first two kiddos.  Maybe because I know having a 3 year old, 1 1/2 year old and a newborn will keep really busy for awhile! LOL

Time for a hot bath for me, my legs and back started aching while I was playing catch with Grace today so I am ready for some R&R! Nighty night!

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