Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some cuddles and some cleaning

I put Beauty and the Beast on for the kids the other night after dinner and bath time, and the kids snuggled right in to watch it.  We got Grace some princess bubble bath and she LOVES taking baths even more now.  She would take a bubble every single night if she could.  I couldn't resist snapping their picture of them lying there with their heads together.  Aaron is getting more and more into watching movies which is great because then I can count on him to be still while I take a shower.  They don't watch a lot of TV or movies but we do have snuggle time in the mornings occasionally and watch movies at night as well.
 I love these Batman pj's on Aaron they ares so darn cute.  Still a little big, but they washed up so soft and he is just the most snuggliest little bear, especially after a bath.  Speaking of watching TV, so this morning I put on Sesame Street for a little bit until Grace woke up.  Aaron had slept late till about 8am and then woke up cooing.  (Which is always a plus!) And then Grace slept a little longer.  It seems since she has her toddler bed she can hear us get Aaron and while peek in our room to see if we are awake.  So this morning she hadn't woken up yet, so Aaron was watching a little bit of Sesame Street and then Grace came in.  I let her watching about 10 minutes as well.  But before turning it off they learned the word, HUMONGOUS.  So all day today Grace has been saying, "You Are My Mongus!" I was cleaning and I kept hearing her say that to Aaron back down in his room over and over.  What a crack up!  I got a lot done today.  I picked up our living room and kitchen, it was getting a bit disastrous and then at nap time I went about purging clothes out of our chest of drawers so I could put his little chest of drawers in Grace's room and then we can share my big one.  It felt good to get rid of a bunch of clothes that I am not wearing.  I hate storing stuff that you don't use and just keep for 'some day'.  That some day never comes.  Some things I have had to keep like maternity clothes and nursing bras and such.  So I will be glad when I am done nursing this last baby because then I can get rid of all the clothes that go with pre and post pregnancy and just have regular clothes again! I also went through some of Grace's toys and we are going to be getting rid of some of them.  Of course now that Grace's room is kind of clean that means Aaron's room is more tornado like because I just kind of tossed his toys in his room to get them out of Grace's.  But I am taking one day at a time and tomorrow we can do laundry and work on organizing his and Grace's clothes into their new spots.  

 Here is a couple of pictures of Aaron's room without the desk and such in it.  I lifted the camera up high to get that angle.  Of course we have the rug and other furniture in there now, but I plan on taking some after pictures of their rooms when I am done.  It might be a couple of weeks before that happens but I am working on it day by day, amongst regular mommy duties of course!

Grace had dance class tonight and since K had to work a little bit later than usual he didn't make it in time to go with us out to get some food before class.  So I dropped Grace off to class for the first time and took my lil Air Bear with me to Office Max.  I needed more clear tape for our label er and then of course K told me he thinks we have lots of refills already.  So I will probably be taking that back next week.  Assuming I can find the tape.  I was trying to label the clear tub I got for the kids play-doh and realized that when Grace was playing with it a few weeks ago that was the last of the tape.  Label makers are the coolest tool ever.  I knew it would be cool when K showed it to me, however I hadn't used it until a few weeks ago and it was so cool.  I wish I could label everything! HA! But that would probably be overkill. 
Have I mentioned that this little girl in my belly is a soccer player?  She is a mover and shaker this little girl.  She is kicking me all the time!  She was moving around a lot today, and is kind of quiet right now...maybe she is learning her nights and days! Oh wait, I spoke too soon, she just somersaulted! 
Time to go have a nice relaxing shower and then some cookies and milk I think.

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