Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend and Thoughts!

We have had a busy weekend.  Saturday morning Daddy and his friend took down the desk in Aaron's room and moved it into the garage.  They also moved Grace's crib into the garage which had been sitting in our living room for a little while now.  They also moved a bunch of stuff downstairs into Daddy's office/ the guest bedroom and the changing table into Aaron's room.  Then Daddy and I went out for a date night.  We had dinner and then cruised over to Home Depot and checked out rugs and such for Aaron's room.  It wasn't our original plan to spend date night shopping in Home Depot, however we did have fun and it was best to get it done.  I never would have been able to buy an 8X10 rug for his room without K and we also got some new light bulbs for the room as well.  After Home Depot we looked into a movie but there weren't any that we wanted to see, so we cruised over to Barnes and Noble and got some hot chocolates and relaxed in the chairs until they closed.  I know I know-hot date night huh?? But I was feeling tired all day and was kind of glad to just be in a quiet kid free zone with my husband for a little bit. 
Today I got up with Aaron and fed us breakfast before sneaking downstairs so Daddy and Grace could sleep.  Grace was up way late so I figured she would need to sleep in, which she did.  Then we headed out to the late service at church.  When we got home we tried for naps.  At least Aaron took one despite waking up a couple of times, and I finished my book.  Then after  the kids got up we laid the rug out in Aaron's room and Daddy had changed the light bulbs in his room already this morning while I was showering.  I love his room so far and can't wait to get curtains up in his and Grace's room and then a toy bin for his toys.  The kids loved stomping on the new rug.  I got a shag rug so it would be softer to sit and play on. 
I am looking forward to this week being not busy with not a lot planned so I can go get the things left I need for their rooms and organize them up a little bit.  I think I am going to switch a couple of dressers around as well.  When we moved the changing table into Aaron's room, we took Grace's sock and underwear drawer out too! So I think I am going to have K and I share my big dresser for now and then put Grace's clothes in his old one.  I am thinking about painting it to match her room.  It's a cheap particle board dresser from Target and already has the finish removed from where we taped the drawers shut from our first move into the townhouse.  I am not sure though if I would have to completely sand it or maybe just scuff it up real good so the paint can adhere or if I have to do that at all.  Or if I have the gumption to do it at all.  It's small so I think spray paint would work and wouldn't be too much of a project.  But I won't do it if I have to sand it and such.  I don't know, guess I will look into it and see.  Hopefully I can get the curtains figured out before K leaves.  He leaves this weekend for another week of training in Rhode Island. 
I am hoping it snows tonight or tomorrow.  This morning on the way to church it was sooo warm.  It was 53 degrees, which is totally crazy.  Then by the time we got out of church the wind had picked up and that cold wind usually means a storm is coming.  I want a fire and a soup making day!!
I also want some peanut M&M's-yum! 
Well time to get off the computer for the night, hope everyone had a nice weekend! LOVE YA!

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