Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3X the Love

So far life with our sweet Sarah has been great.  She seems to be an easy baby so far.  Eating, sleeping and pooping.  Our nights have been good actually, some wakeful hours but mostly eating and sleeping.  The last couple of days Aaron has slept late which is until 8am or after, so that has been nice.  Although around lunch time today he started acting really fussy and didn't want to eat at all.  He had a temperature and so I just put him down early for a nap at 12:30 and he slept good. 
He woke up happy, but that quickly ended and he just got fussier and fussier.  He just wanted someone to hold him.  He definitely doesn't feel good and still has a fever.  I just pray that it's related to him getting his bottom molars and not getting sick.  We especially don't want little sister getting sick.  I took this picture right after naps.  He was trying to climb up onto our bed and dropped his lion and bent down to get it and nailed his eyebrow on the side rail.  Poor kid.  It was a challenge getting this picture but I sure did enjoy snuggling with my 3 kiddos!  

Looking forward to Memaw and Pepaw's visit in a couple of days and Grace's dance recital on Saturday.  I do have pictures to download from my camera, I just haven't unpacked my camera cord yet.  Soon!!!

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Beth said...

Memaw and Pepaw will be on duty for lots of holding, snuggling, reading and playing time! We can't wait! I am finally recovering from my sleep deprivation and ready to rock and roll again!