Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

I love this picture of Air Bear and K.  K was lying on the floor on his stomach and Aaron had to copy him when K let him play with his phone. Heads down together, his little finger touching the screen, so precious!

Easter morning, Grace showing her TinkerBell coloring poster.
 Aaron was into the candy first thing...can we say Chubby Bunny? Not sure what he thought of the Peeps, he ate the heads off a couple, but that is all.
 Grace wearing her Easter "Pepaw" dress.  She kept talking about her 'pretty dress'.
 Showing her bracelet and cross necklace off.  Such a precious face!
 He had just woken up from nap...can you tell? Sweet boy.
 Hunting for eggs at Grandma's, Aaron was great at getting them.
 Zoom!!!! Off to find more eggs!!!
Today my OB appointment got canceled and rescheduled for Wednesday morning.  So we ran to Costco to get gas and then some banks and right back home.  Grace's friend and his mommy came over and played and had lunch and then left so the kids could have naps.  Aaron took a nice solid 2 hour nap. 
I filed a complaint with the police because as soon as I put the kids down for nap these 2 guys were racing their dirt bikes up and down my street.  It was so nice out today (75 degrees) that I had the kids windows open.  So annoying, they stopped after about 4 runs up and down the street and I saw the police come by about an hour later.  I just kept waiting for the police to call me so I didn't rest myself. 
After K got done with work we ran thru KFC and headed to have dinner at the park and play.  It was such a nice day for it and the kids loved it.  Then back home for baths (filthy kids!) and bedtime. 
Now K and I are watching a movie and hoping little sister comes soon!

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Beth said...

I love this post! Aaron's hair is really coming in! Love that one of he and Kent on the floor, too! And Miss Grace in her pepaw Easter dress...that expression is priceless! Such cute photos!