Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OB appointment and Grumpy Mommy

Today is my sweet hubby's birthday.  And bless his heart he did more for me than I for him.  Lately there have been days when I feel so out of myself... the kids get on my nerves more, and I am more tired and I feel more snappish with my hubby.  Today was one of those.  I wish I could say why it was, my only thought is that I am just tired of being pregnant and don't feel like myself. 

I dropped the kids off at playgroup this morning, we switched days and it worked that they could hang with the other kids and moms while I jetted to my 37 week OB appointment.  K was there waiting for me, he wasn't sure if he was going to finish his job this morning in time to be there for the appointment, but he made it. 

I was just in a grumpy mood when I got there and then we had to wait, which is annoying when your early.  And my OB checked my cervix again.  He said that I was a solid 2 maybe 2.5 centimeters dilated and 50-60% effaced...so we are moving in the right direction.  Nothing else new there except I scheduled another appointment for next week that I hope I don't make it too. 

I avoided 2 major traffic incidents today as well, so you would think I wouldn't be so annoyed with stupid kids on their spring breaks driving 65 in the fast lane.

I picked the kids up and we headed out for a late lunch at Del Taco, which Grace was thrilled about because we went inside and I told her she could play.  She kept saying lets surprise Aaron, because he fell asleep on the way to Del Taco, and she just knew it would be a great surprise for him when we would eat inside.  Of course he wasn't really thrilled to be woken up, but he did eat his soft tacos well. 
Grace found some boys to play with and they raced up the play area and then down the slide and back again, over and over.  She was very upset and wanted to 'Hug JJ goodbye' when we left.

By the time we got home of course Aaron was very awake and didn't really want to sleep.  He fussed for awhile and then I went in to see what his deal was and he had thrown his Lion, bunny and paci over the edge and pointed very determinedly to them.  I gave them back and then laid him back down which he got mad about and fussed for another 10 minutes before he fell asleep.

I then passed out myself and was in a very deep sleep coma when he woke up a short hour later screaming his head off.  I laid there trying to ignore him for awhile and felt some weird kicking or contractions I couldn't really be sure because I was still asleep and trying to focus on my belly and not the screaming from the next room.  I finally got up to get him after about 10 minutes, not that it did much god because when he wakes up from being overtired or whatever he is just inconsolable.  It didn't matter that his favorite mommy was there and had gotten him up, he still didn't want his paci and just threw himself into my bed and cried for another 8 minutes. 

K had come home while we were all sleeping and finished up his paperwork and then came upstairs around 5pm.  I had planned on making his birthday dinner but was in the WORST mood.  I had accidentally bought the wrong ingredients this morning and though we had everything anyway to make it was annoyed with that.  Dinner time has really been making me lose my mind lately.  Aaron has become such a picky eater and me I am just tired of eating dinner too.  I feel bad because I don't want to waste my time cooking a big dinner when the kids aren't going to eat it and I don't feel like eating it and I feel like I am in a dinner rut. Phooey.  It is the worst on K because I am sure he is getting soooo tired of leftovers.  And it's pretty terrible when your wife is a big mess and you have to make your birthday dinner yourself.  Poor guy.  I love him and he loves me, but I am sure he is ready for this baby to be here so his wife will get back to normal!

Tomorrow it is supposed to be nice and about 70 degrees, so maybe I can scrounge some energy to make him something yummy.  Sunny days always do me some good!

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