Thursday, April 5, 2012

37 weeks and 5 days...counting

So yesterday was such a good day energy wise, that I was hoping for a repeat.  That however did not happen.  What did happen was I made my way to the grocery store with my 2 adorable children (who behaved so well like usual) and got some groceries before driving home.  I did cart in all my groceries which I did not want to do because I was feeling BEAT and make the kids some lunch.  Then ate my own lunch before cleaning out the leftovers from the refrigerator and run the dishwasher.  I then put the kids and myself down for a nap where I promptly fell asleep.  It was delightful. Especially because our window was open a crack and I could hear the neighborhood kids out playing and laughing, and even though it wasn't that warm out, that sounds just makes my heart glad.

Aaron did wake up a little early and that woke me up and I didn't really want to.  I had a lot of contractions today but nothing anymore intense than usual. 

I also realized that this Saturday I am 38 weeks and I have never carried a baby past 38 weeks exactly that was an interesting thought. 

I fed the kids early because it;s Thursday and Grace had dance class and then K came up and found himself something to eat.  I went out with my girlfriends to celebrate a birthday and had a delicious dinner.  Which was nice because, like I mentioned before I haven't been into dinner or eating anything for dinner and tonight I ate plenty! Great fun at The Last Samurai which where they cook your meat and such in front of you a grill.

Also it is to be officially noted that if any grandparents or great grandparents or whomever reads this, wants to, or feels a strong urging to buy clothes for my children they are now in 4T clothes for Grace and 24 month clothes for Aaron.  I realized a few days ago that Aaron doesn't have a lot of summer clothes (all his shirts are long sleeved 18 mth) and Grace is quickly outgrowing her 3T clothes.  I was going to have her wear some leggings she has today that are 3T and she told me she wanted to wear jeans, however her jeans were all dirty, so I remembered I had some 4T clothes stashed away in one of her top drawers and found a pair of 4T jeans.  She was thrilled and they fit perfectly.

If you do feel that calling please let me know, because otherwise I will be buying them some new clothes in a month or two, definitely after little sister is born. By new I mean new to us, because we are perfectly content with second hand and hand-me downs.  Just saying, because I know people want to know... :)

And now, I think it is time for some cookies and milk and my book! Night!

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Beth said...

Haha! I do have an outfit for each one of them (including baby sister) for summer. 4T for Grace, 24 months for Aaron and 3 month size for little sister! They are all complimentary to one another and will be great for summer.